Flexo Equipment

Flexo Equipment Overview

Just because a design or process is simple and economical doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. The in-line process of our Flexo-Folder-Gluers includes flexographic printing which utilizes a flexible print plate (or multiple, for designs that involve more than one color) that transfers images onto the corrugated surface, like a stamp. It uses fast-drying, water-based inks which can be customized to your specifications in our in-house ink kitchen.

At Boxes, LLC, our most advanced equipment allows us to offer flexible solutions for a wide range of corrugated applications, including printing, die-cutting, slotting, folding and gluing. Our Flexo-Folder-Gluers will help you take advantage of what flexo has to offer without sacrificing the image quality. No matter the equipment or method, our focus remains the same: to offer our customers solutions that exceed their expectations of quality, speed and efficiency.

Our Equipment

Bobst Flexographic Printer

At Boxes, LLC, we’ve invested in the best flexo technology and continue to advance what’s possible from a flexo solution for our customers. That’s why Boxes, LLC can offer up to 5 color print or full flood coat and can produce boxes on sheet sizes ranging from 9”x15” to 86×194”.

  • 86″ Langston FFG 1-Color with D/C Section
  • 66″ Bobst 1636 FFG 5-Color with D/C Section
  • 26″ Bobst 618 FFG 4-Color with Dual D/C Sections
  • 32″ Bobst 8.20 Expertline 4-Color with Dual D/C Sections
  • Giant RDC 66 x 113 2-Color
  • Langston RDC 66 x 114 3-Color with newly installed AG Automatic Stacker
  • Bobst Expertfold 300 Specialty Folder-Gluer