Fulfillment Overview

Boxes, LLC offers a variety of different packing and fulfillment services. These services range from hand gluing and product packouts to the assembly of items, including sample kits or display components packed into shippers for local or worldwide distribution.

We’re able to provide our wealth of in-house services because of our scalable facility and flexible workforce. Our 90,000 square foot workspace is expandable up to 650,000 square feet, giving us the capability to handle even the largest assembly projects. We maintain a core fulfillment team consisting of tenured, expert full-time employees who are dedicated to meeting our customers’ high standards of quality and the most challenging production timelines. If needed, we also rely on a trusted temporary workforce that allows us to assemble product 24 hours a day in order to accommodate customers’ fulfillment requirements. Our team’s accomplished supervisors provide optimized and efficient operations that guarantee top-quality packouts regardless of the size or scope of the project.