Graphic Design

Graphic Design Overview

At Boxes, LLC, our approach to graphic design is structured around creating unique, quality solutions that meet our customers’ needs and bring their ideas to life. Our in-house team of knowledgeable and tenured graphic designers works in formats ranging from conceptual line drawings to digital renderings and 3D virtual models. We also operate our own, in-house ink kitchen, where our color experts use cutting-edge equipment to create unique custom colors or precisely match existing brands’ colors, depending upon our customers’ needs. Our goal is to deliver a final product that is attractive and vibrant and communicates your brand’s message and ideas.

At Boxes, LLC, you’ll be partnered with a specific designer from our team throughout the process. We believe having a thorough understanding of your brand, products, customers and place within your industry or market is one of the keys to providing you with an exceptional end result; that’s why you’ll be working closely with a designer who understands your business and has experience working with other businesses in your field.